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Jill Duke

Peach farm is a workout like no other.  After just a handful of classes, I was able to feel and see amazing results in my body. The instructors take the time to get to know each individual member. They are knowledgeable on fitness and health, and truly care about my physical, emotional, and mental well-being. As a woman, using weights seemed intimidating. But each class is designed in a way to make me leave feeling empowered and ambitious. I look forward to classes and the community that comes with it. 


Roslyn Ali

Peach Farm Fitness is about so much more than a pretty backside. The classes have really helped me understand how to properly use lower body strength, both in and outside of the gym. The targeted exercises have also improved my running and my weightlifting form. I can admit that the allure of having a nicer booty is what drew me initially to Peach Farm Fitness, but having a stronger booty and making gains in my overall fitness are the reasons I keep "peach farming" every week!  


Mansi Basandrai

Absolutely love the Peach Farming classes! I have seen amazing results in how the workouts sculpt and tone the body while giving a lean and fit look with quick results. Every class is designed thoughtfully and thoroughly by expert coaches and workouts are based on body weight or moderated weights and emphasis is on control of movement and the coaches instruct you through everything to ensure you're moving correctly and maximizing your results. These classes are the perfect supplement to strength training or cardio to aim for the beach ready body. Looking to tone up and build muscles in your glutes - well, this is it.

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